It was a rough Monday at work. Rough is an understatement. There are some instances in our lives that shake the very foundation of our existence and force us to think, “How would I live my life if I knew this weekend will be the last one I will ever have?”

Not everyone is fortunate to ponder on the question above. Last year, a coworker (who sat two seats away from me) passed away in a car accident during a weekend. Today, I found out that another dear coworker passed away at his home two days ago, on a Saturday morning. Both of these incidents were so unexpected because they were healthy and young individuals. Little did I know that after saying, “have a good weekend” on a Friday evening I would not get a chance to say, “good morning” on a Monday morning.

To take a step back from questions about life and death, I observed peacocks and went for a hike at Mayfield Park in the evening.